Blue Star Fern in medium Oslo with saucer - Sage

Blue Star Fern in medium Oslo with saucer - Sage

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Blue Star Fern

Botanic Name ~ Phlebodium aureum

It grows best when exposed to plenty of bright sunlight. It needs approximately 5-6 hours of bright light per day to thrive. This plant will not do well in a dark, shaded area for too long. No direct sunlight for long periods of time. 


They like weekly watering sessions, keep the soil moist but not wet. They also like to keep their leaves dry, so water from the sides and without getting her leaves wet. Allow the top 2' of her soil to dry out between waterings during autumn and winter. 


The Oslo Pot is the classic combination of form and function. A beautifully simple stoneware planter with a hole in the base for drainage and matching saucer.

External Height 14.5cm including saucer

Internal Diameter 12.5