Peace Lily - Sensation (PLANT ONLY)

Peace Lily - Sensation (PLANT ONLY)

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Peace Lily

Botanic Name ~  Spathiphyllum 'Sensation' 


Peace lilies can handle lower light but will do best in medium, to bright indirect light, especially if you want it to flower.


Water when the top 1/3 is dry. Peace lilies are known to wilt dramatically when it's too dry. If your plant seems perky one day and on death's doorstep the next, check the soil. Often all it needs is a thorough watering to bring it back to life!


Height of this plant, from ground to tip is approx. 90cm

Width of this pot plant is 250mm


Elka Pot – White

POT IS NOT INCLUDED in the price of this plant.

This ceramic pot elka in white is handmade, due to the nature of handmade items there may be slight variations in the size, surface texture, glaze consistency, colour or tone of the pot. This pot is suitable for indoor use and does not have a drainage hole.

 23cmh x 26cmd